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Clinical trial management

In the health care institutions cooperating with us, we are comprehensively responsible for managing clinical trials from the stage of site selection to its closure

Supervision over feasibility processes

We support sponsors of clinical trials and CRO companies in the field of effective feasibility and selection of clinical sites in Poland

Coordination of clinical trials on request

We coordinate clinical trials on a request of healthcare facilities as well as pharmaceutical companies  / CRO companies

Legal/negotiation support

We assist healthcare institutions cooperating with us in the processes of reviewing and negotiating clinical trial agreements

Supporting the recruitment of patients for clinical studies

In health care institutions cooperating with us, we use our unique experience to support the recruitment processes of patients for clinical trials 

Recruitment of medical personnel

We recruit qualified medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists for clinical trials purpose


Gdańska 32/lok 8, 85-006 Bydgoszcz, Poland


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